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Alliance Orders Deliria!


Alliance distribution, the #1 hobby and game trade distributor, has picked up both Deliria and Plunder for nationwide circulation. Initial orders are small but promising. The faster those initial orders sell, the more quickly Alliance will reorder and the wider the circle of distribution will become. Please help us spread the word!

If you already own a copy of either game, please let your friends and local retailers know about the new availability of both. If you don't, please go and ask your local hobby retailer to stock them - and check 'em out, as well. After all, publishers, distributors and hobby shops need customers in order to survive.

Feel free to circulate and/or crosspost this information about Deliria's new availability.

- Phil Brucato,
Author of Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium

For details about Deliria, see

Thank you!!!
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