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bear book?

heyt here, this isn't a faire book, but i was referred here when asking around about a book. there's this book i remember having as a kid and i think it was called 'the bear who wished for wings' or the 'bear who wanted wings.' it's definatly an old book because even as a kid i remember it being old then. the book is all red on the outside with a picture in black on the front with the little bear. the story is about a little bear who found a wishing well in the woods and wished for a pair of wings (i think the wings were red and the bear was white) but when he went home his mother didn't recognize him and sent him away. so he went to the duck who also didn't know him and so on and so on. finally mr. porcipine let him stay the night but he was cold and had to sleep on pinecones and leaves and was very sad. so the next day he went back to the well and wished to be like he was before and he went home and his mommy was all 'yay! i was so worried about you' and such. does anyone know the exact title of this book or where i can get it? or at least know what i'm talking about?! any help is much appreciated. thanks!
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