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Faerie Tales Employing Puppets and/or Bare or Unusual Feet?

Huh? Please allow me to explain. :)

I recently scored a gig writing essays about classic and modern/ postmodern folk tales. Two of the essays I have coming up (with deadlines far shorter than I'd like!) deal with the following topics. I'd love suggestions about sources or stories - especially stories! - dealing with these subjects:  

Puppets in Folklore - Not puppet-show versions of faerie tales, but faerie/folk tales dealing with puppets as characters, themes or setting elements. Examples: Pinocchio, Being John Malkovitch, A.I., "Punch & Judy" (and the many variations on Punch), etc.

Bare or Unusual Feet - Characters, stories or themes in which bare or unusual feet (cloven hooves, duck feet, raven's claws, etc.) feature prominently. Examples: McKinley's Deerskin, Johnny Appleseed, Pre-Raphaelite artwork, "The Barefoot Woman," "Wicked John and the Devil," "The Little Match Girl," etc.

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks! :)

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