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Seeking Suggestions: Tales of Magic and Music

Here's a question:

I'm working on an article involving music with magical intent and results. I know it's a vast subject, and I already have a number of modern novels (Spellsinger, Bedlam's Bard, Trader, Troll Bridge, Gossamir Axe, Singer of Souls, etc) and classic tales (the myths of Orpheus, "Jack and the Beanstalk," the tales of Robert Johnson and Paganini, the Fire Raga, etc.) in mind, but I'd love to know about more.

What I'm looking for: stories - new, literary or traditional - about the magical properties of music, musicians who employ music as part of the art, or faerie beings that either employ magical music or are bound to a mortal through musical arts. 

Who has suggestions for the article?

Thanks in advance!
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