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Demon Lover Stories

Hello, fellow fans of the bizarre!

I'm working on an article about the folklore and appeal behind the Demon Lover archetype - the guy or girl you know you shouldn't go anywhere near but will anyway, probably destroying yourself in the process.

So far, I've got notes about the roots of the figure (Genesis, psychology, social and physical dangers of sex, etc.), history (incubi, succubi, witch trials, etc.), and an assortment of figures both real (Byron, Bara, etc.), fictional (Lilith, Lestat, etc.) and in-between (Dracula, Casanova, etc.). I've noted stories and songs like "The Elf-Knight," "Tam Lin," "La Belle Dame sans Merci," "Witch Bitch," "Evil Woman," and, of course, "The Demon Lover," as well as films like Fatal Attraction, Let The Right One In, The Libertine, 9 1/2 Weeks and more. Yes, I name-check Twilight, too. That series, actually, was the inspiration for the article itself.

Anyone have good suggestions for people, songs, myths or stories I could add to this article? 

Generally, I want to stick to magical/ paranormal entities, although a smattering of real-world figures and "realistic" tales with quasi-supernatural overtones (like Otto Mesmer or Fatal Attraction) are also fair game.   

Thank you in advance!

And, as Momma always told me, be careful who you love...
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